New art asset coming soon - HQ Western Saloon - less than a month left!
It's a western saloon building with outside and inside design. There will be many interior props, such as: bar, tables, chairs, piano, furnace, barrels, bottles and more. All of them can be used as a ready environment or in other environment. Every prop model has LOD group with two or three levels of details.


Main view from the front door.

An old piano with the broken keys and the missing keys cover.

Heating stove
Small heating stove with the fire made of a video of a real fire.

OilLamp_flame                    OilLamp_wip                 
Worn lantern with realistic fire effect and fake glass glow.

Back side of the building with the stairs.

Short video with the oil lanterns:


Few previews on Sketchfab:

See also: Making of Old Chair

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